The case study cafe is an interactive session where participants can choose to explore case studies of their choice in some depth in a series of round table discussions. The structure of this session is:



    1. Presenters complete an outline of the case study in advance to a template (download template here) which is made available to participants in advance of the conference.Participants can start to plan which cases they are most interested in (they will be able to attend 3 case discussions out of 8). 

2. Each presenter has a 5 minute “pitch” to the plenary audience about the key features and learning points from their case study.Participants will decide which case discussions to attend.

3. The case presenters then host 3 x 30 minute round table discussions exploring aspects of their case - this is meant to be a dialogue led by the questions of the people who choose to attend that table discussion, not a presentation.Participants will change case tables between rounds.


    The call for case studies and suggested topics is at: https://www.ikoconference.org/iko-2019.html